Biosphere Doc Releasing Straight to Drive-Ins

Joe Bob Briggs has been telling us for years that the drive in will never die.  While we have always believed him wholeheartedly, we definitely viewed it in more of a metaphorical sense.  As it turns out, it may be making a full, literal recovery.  In the age of quarantine, the long obscure but fondly remembered institution of drive in movie theaters are the absolutely perfect, custom made solution.  For every downside to this new way of life, there’s the potential for something fantastic to come right along with it.  For many of us, the very possibility of seeing the drive in come roaring back is almost too good to imagine.  If it does, the movie leading the charge is going to be Spaceship Earth, a new documentary about the 1991 Biosphere 2 experiment, which is slated to make a point of being released into drive in theaters, in addition to VOD platforms.  It’s kind of spooky timing for the release of a film that deals with a quarantine experiment, so it seems like the perfect way to watch it.  You may remember the same experiment was documented in a slightly less scientific dramatization known as Biodome in the 90s.  A very disturbing film.  As Joe Bob would say, let’s get back to watching movies under the stars, as God intended.  This story was reported by Movieweb. visits studio 35 website for latest Film news by studio 35

Readers, give us your favorite drive in memories if you have them.  What did you see, and what do you miss?