Meet The Most Disruptive Digital Blogger From Moscow – Masis Ovsepian

In Africa, an understanding comes that life consists not only of parties, entertainment, work, hustle and many other simple things in people’s lives but also of really serious problems. It is there, in Africa, a place where people not only live or survive, but try to somehow exist. And this is really terrible. Governments and business elites from developed countries must do something to help people. This was told by blogger Masis Ovsepian , describing his visit to East Africa.

Masis Ovsepian is a 24 years old Blogger and Influencer from Russia, currently living in Moscow. This 20 years old, has a clear vision for his future and a mission in mind, which he is striving to accomplish.

According to Masis, the first thing he saw when he visited one of the countries of the region was the incomparable and original culture, the pristine beauty of the continent. Acquaintance with the culture of local tribal ethnic groups left a very vivid impression — nothing strikes a modern young man as much as contact with carriers of archaic culture.