How Independent Artist Em Nacirema Made A Come Up In Music

New York-based hip-hop artist Em Nacirema has had a long journey in his many years as an artist. The rapper began his career by distributing mixtapes for DJ Whookid around the tri-state area. The experience gave him more knowledge of how the music industry worked and is a huge reason why Em Nacirema is where he is at today.

There have been many trials along Em Nacirema’s journey. One of the most life-shaping moments was the time that the MC spent incarcerated. It was a huge turning point in Em Nacirema’s life and challenged the way he thought of the world.

Em Nacirema has bounced back from his experience in prison. As an independent artist, Em Nacirema has seen success in his pursuit of a music career. The artist’s latest single, “Timeless” charted at #7 on the Belgium iTunes charts.

Em Nacirema is a father of 2 kids, both of whom are in school, building bright futures. His family is a big inspiration in his life.

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