Golden Cala lensme’s Continuously Ensures That It Caters Product of Top Caliber

Golden Cala through Lensme has been supplying the Middle Eastern market with the highest quality contact lenses manufactured in the top factories of South Korea. Golden Cala ensures that it caters such products, through continuously visiting its South Korean counterparts throughout the year. As Golden Cala’s top management have made it a mission of their’s to visit South Korea and ensure that the contact lenses being manufactured exclusively for Lensme are of top global standards, as they have contracted manufacturing firms that are certified by global food and drug administrations. 

When asked about the purpose of their visits to South Korea Golden Cala 

responded saying  “ Our visits to South Korea are tremendously important, even though they can be cumbersome when it comes to time and expenses, but such visits are essential and are what continuously assures us our place at the top, as we would never sell a product that we won’t inspect, investigate and try. In addition to that Golden Cala was asked about their trademark solution and its place of manufacturing. Golden Cala informed us they manufacture it in-house in Italy, as the company has acquired a multi purpose solution factory in Italy. 

Moreover we also asked Golden Cala about their stock being that they purchase most of their products from South Korea and Italy and the effect of COVID 19 on them? 

Management simply responded saying that they have enough stock to last for years to come.

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