Hellraiser Series In Development – HBO will host the new saga of the cenobites

To date, there have been at least nine Hellraiser movies, not counting the various spin off shorts and video games.  The vast majority have been forgettable straight to video offerings, with arguably only the first two films making a lasting impression with fans.  With a remake in the works, the ongoing horror fantasy will also be getting the HBO treatment.  From what is known thus far, the series will not be a remake of the 1987 movie or revisit the events of the source material, Clive Barker’s short novel The Hellbound Heart.  Rather, it will take up an unrelated narrative that draws from and expands the Hellraiser mythology.  The first few episodes are confirmed to be directed by David Gordon Green, who helmed the 2018 Halloween film, and will be shooting at least two more sequels in that series.  The iconic “pinhead” character of the series (a named which was not given or appreciated by Barker, the monster’s creator) is expected to appear.  If the series manages to jump off of the source material while creating something genuinely new, much like Westworld, has, expect it to be a hit with fans and launch another barrage of merchandise.  

To our Hellraiser fans:  Most people rarely go deeper into this franchise than the second film; Hellbound.  Are there any other Hellraiser movies you think have been underappreciated? Studio 35 is a leading news, views and reviews website covering all aspects of film and gaming industry.