Steve “Capo” Newland: The Master of Social Media Growth

From looking at his social media page, you wouldn’t know that Steve “Capo” Newland is the Bad Boy of Social Media Marketing. The night life, women, car, and celebrity friends of Steve and his “Cuzzi Gang” collective of friends and partners is certainly something to stop and witness. Capo, with his exceptional work as a marketing guru, has changed the lives of many celebs & artists all over the world.

This young man who has some affinity towards Atlanta which he calls home; moved from Atlanta to Las Vegas to get a fresh start and expand his opportunities for his company “IMS MARKETING” in 2017.

Capo played a crucial part in the growth & expansion of various artists associated with like “24hrs” “Christian Kuya” , “London On Da Track”, “Taylor Gang” , “MadeinTyo”, “Lil Scrappy” & many more. Today he is more famous for not just being a part of the music industry, but also bringing the top new products & entertainment to millions of social media users.

But how did Capo bypass so many others his field to gain such quick notoriety most would ask? If you let him tell you, it’s due to the Vegas party life serving as the backdrop for great content and intrigue that sin city offers. “I had to get people’s attention, and in 2020, that’s not an easy thing to do when you’re not rich or super powerful, but the only thing everyone loves to watch, is a bad boy living the good life, so that’s what I give my followers, the “Sleeze” (as Steve calls his lifestyle charades)  Be sure to follow Capo at 


The Clout Dealers – Everyone Needs Them Even If They Didn’t Know It

Everyone wants to work with Steve “Capo” Newland & “Pierre Balian” (The Clout Dealers) are a force to be reckoned with in the world of digital marketing and social media stardom. Together the duo have created a lane of their own in the digital marketing space. Both savvy entrepreneurs run their own companies which is what brought them together, where they decided to engage in a joint venture and haven’t looked back since. Pierre is a music executive based on Los Angeles, while Capo runs the show in Las Vegas.

Steve “Capo” Newland, is CEO of “IMS MARKETING” based in Las Vegas who has been consistently behind the scenes pushing buttons behind some of the biggest Celebrities, Casinos & Dispensaries on the West Coast on social media. IMS Marketing serves thousands of clients a month, and is personally responsible for generating millions in profit revenue for their client roster. Combing their skills, Steve & Pierre both possess the resources and knowledge to launch, scale, and manage business while raking in a killer ROI. With the Rolodex these two have between them, it’s not wonder they are dubbed “The Clout Dealers” within their network which is very very wide.

Pierre is a clout dealer based in Los Angeles who used to be a competitive Olympic figure skater, but left a career in sports to pursue his true love, music. The duo have plans to set up their flagship office in Los Angeles. Expect to hear about these two. Be sure to follow Steve & Pierre on Instagram at @ChillCapoLV and @Pierre