Manny Garcia: From ground zero to becoming a hugely successful entrepreneur

When you’re desperate for cash, it’s easy to cut corners, compromise your values, and deliver an inferior product or service. A businessman who can focus on the ability to live up to his visions from start to finish is the one that will thrive longest and shine brightest. 

The successful serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, and now a multi-millionaire, Manuel A. Garcia (Manny), came from humble beginnings. Some businessmen start in industries that are popular, appreciated, and admired. Others have to put on rubber boots and wade through the mud. Born in New York, raised in the Dominican Republic, and eventually migrating to Miami, Garcia, a high school dropout, has established himself as an industry leader in the automobile, E-commerce, real estate, and clothing industries. Garcia worked his way from one business to another, not merely sitting back and reaping the rewards of past successes but banking on the experience to start new ventures. “As a philanthropist, my mission is to empower the youth and give back in a major way so that I can teach them that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible,” he says.

Garcia had no education, spoke little English, and was dead broke. Gaining financial freedom for the sake of wanting a better life for his family is what pushed, motivated, and inspired him to keep going. For Garcia, success is “having the freedom to live life on my own terms while being able to give back and help others.” At the age of 14, Garcia walked several miles to buy supplies at a local Walmart with only $55 to his name and then went door-to-door to wash cars. Now, Garcia is the co-founder of not one but multiple 8-figure businesses. He’s truly stood the test of time.

Thankful for every opportunity he has been blessed with, Garcia attributes his success to all the hard work and dedication he put in over the years. His story is an extraordinary tale of rags-to-riches, an anecdote of a lone hero battling overwhelming odds.


Manny Garcia Decodes the Success Formula in 2020 and Beyond

Starting a business is like going to war. It isn’t for the faint-hearted, nor can it be conducted without strategizing. And as the king of your business, you must deploy your combative instincts to create a winning strategy. As the poster boy of a rags-to-riches story, Manny Garcia is every bit that commander that a business requires to succeed. His secret approach to entrepreneurial success is simple – assess, adapt and advance.


Garcia’s childhood gave him ample time for self-assessment. He says, “My childhood had two prominent things – time and my ideas to fill it with. I saw my mother struggling to put food on the table. It broke my heart as a child, but I chose to assess my willpower and my inner strength to see if I could pull us out of those dire straits. To assess myself, I started doing all kinds of small jobs in my neighborhood and earned a name for my hard work and dedication. My self-assessment empowered me to start my first business in the Auto collision industry without any prior knowledge. Since then, I’ve always ensured that I assess every opportunity and obstacle, first from a distance and then up close.”


For me, adaptation was a follow-up to assessment. Once I understood a circumstance or a crisis thoroughly and realized that there was nothing that I could do to change the situation, I chose to change myself instead. I conceded to the nature of the problem, learned to adapt to its demands, and often found that it helped me ease my way through all kinds of situations. Adaptation gave me a sense of control over myself and my fate.”


If an assessment is like surveying the battle terrain for loopholes and advantages, and adaption is to align with the assessment results, then advancement is all about taking action. Manny says, “The first big move in business is made up of many small moves first. For me, to advance is to give all you’ve got, to take the plunge – whether starting your business from scratch or buying out another business.”  

The simplest truths are often self-evident. Therefore, it might be easy for some to call Garcia’s strategy a bit obvious, even expected. But for him, “they are the foundation on which I have built my businesses.”