Naima Mora visiting the UK and talks about worldofenvelopes on her Instagram account

Multifaceted entertainer and author, Naima Mora, reviews leading stockists of envelopes and postal packaging products, worldofenvelopes on Instagram

Naima Mora is a talented entertainer and a fantastic mix of beauty and brains. She became particularly popular after emerging winner at American Next Top Model. The celebrity, TEDx speaker, and author, seemingly took time off being a celebrity as she recently reviewed Envelopes Ltd website in one of her posts on Instagram, where she talked about the excellent packaging solutions offered by the company. is an eCommerce website owned by Envelopes Ltd. Envelopes Ltd is a packaging solutions provider that started as a small family business, overprinting commercial envelopes in the United Kingdom. Since it was founded and officially became a Limited Company, the company has continued to grow and currently ranks as one of the biggest industry’s stockists of envelopes and postal packaging products in the world. The company’s amazing range, which includes a wide selection of postal packaging products and envelopes in different colours, shapes, and sizes which includes square envelopes, a5 envelopes, dl envelopes, and a host of others have received accolades from different quarters with the most recent one coming from supermodel Naima Mora.

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