Young talents Nguyen Van Tuyen and Nguyen Thanh Hoang conquer the path of professional multi-platform marketing

Nguyen Van Tuyen (Nguyen Van Tuyen) and Nguyen Thanh Hoang, born in 1998, live and work in Dak Lak, are attracting the attention of the online community with recent dizziness searches and monitoring. Two people have natural talent and diligent learning. Currently living and working in Dak Lak city, Nguyen Tuyen and Thanh Hoang are working at THONLINE Company. It is known that both of you have a passion for multi-platform business and have the opportunity to meet each other to pursue it.

Possessing a handsome face and a warm and inspirational voice combined with the ability to present has increased the highlight of the two of you. In addition, both of you also have the ability to play instruments. Tuyen Nguyen (Nguyen Van Tuyen) plays guitar and bamboo flute, Nguyen Hoang (Nguyen Thanh Hoang) plays piano and guitar. This talent can also help you gain a small place in the hearts of your fans.

Recently, the talented couple Nguyen Tuyen and Nguyen Hoang have officially announced themselves as an important milestone in their careers about the difference in multi-platform business. Nguyen Thanh Hoang established THONLINE Company and Nguyen Van Tuyen is the shareholder and right hand of Nguyen Hoang. The highlight of the two young people is not wrong when they decided to set up THONLINE Company, this is the perfect stepping stone to help you two succeed and go further in the future.