PieceX new enterprise program for companies willing to sell source code

PieceX, the company that introduced the first AI enabled source code marketplace, Has launched a new service targeting big corporations and companies around the word. It is an opportunity for tech companies to lead the market and improve productivity through reusing source code.

Pieces of software are now considered as important assets of the companies with the rise of development cost the source code written by engineers and tech savvy is becoming one of the most valuable properties to the businesses producing solutions and innovations. For the next few months PieceX is inviting companies from all around the world to collaborate together to tackle the challenges limiting the progress of the software and this by providing the most effective marketplace for business to exchange and reuse the source code of those pieces of software. The way this company view the world through realistic lenses, make them pioneers of a new movement that value sharing the knowledge without devaluating the effort behind building that knowledge. A perfect transactional based partnership between companies. A win win collaboration where companies selling source code and others using it become more efficient, more productive and much more profitable.

Starting from 26 Sep PieceX new services will be offered to businesses and IT engineering teams will be provided freely for the first few adopters of the enterprise program. Where PieceX engineers will walk you through the process of selling source code to the public. Thousands of $ worth of workforce and knowledge will be given for the first companies that are willing to take the opportunity of growing their income while making the IT world a better place. Visit: Companies Sell source code with PieceX