High School Senior Continues Success Selling T-Shirts Online By Adding New Eye-Catching Stickers to Online Store

Becoming an entrepreneur at 17-years-old and being able to run a successful online store and brand is quite remarkable. Not one to rest while ahead, the young man Will Feldman is now expanding the brand’s selection.

Columbus, Ohio September 12, 2019 – Some people certainly have the business drive naturally flowing in their blood. By all accounts, 17-year-old High School Senior Will Feldman is one of these exceptional examples, running his online store pausecircleplay. After a successful launch and building his business selling t-shirts alone, the time has come for Feldman to continue these wins by adding high-quality, attractive stickers to his store, featuring the distinctive pausecircleplay logo.

“I am pleased about the demand for stickers,” commented Feldman. “I hope to add even more new products as I continue to expand the brand.”

The catchy but straightforward shirt and sticker design has resonated with young people, who appreciate the minimalist look plus the significance behind the brand. Feldman stated, “Each symbol in the logo has meaning: take a deep breath, reflect, and live your best life.” Feldman prides himself in making each shirt and sticker by hand. He does not stop there, as for each sale, Feldman donates part of the proceeds to charity. More designs are likely to be added in the months and years to come.

For more information, be sure to visit and stay part of the conversation on Instagram: @pausecircleplay.