Taking the art world, a notch higher every time with her timeless paintings and artwork is Syrian Canadian artist Lina Faroussi

Taking the art world, a notch higher every time with her timeless paintings and artwork is Syrian Canadian artist Lina Faroussi

She astonishes people with what she creates and continues to do that as a leading visual artist and painter.

It is always very surreal to learn about all those people who strive to attain excellence in all that they wish to do in their lives and careers. These individuals showcase the hunger to get to the top of their respective fields and create momentum for them to become established names in their niches. Very few people have been able to attain this success and the ones who have done it are those that worked with determination, resilience and commitment. The world of art produces many such talents every day from different parts of the world, but one name that has been buzzing high is Lina Faroussi.

Who is Lina Faroussi, you ask? Well, she is one of the most dynamic visual artists and painters in the world. Her art speaks for itself, and that perhaps is one of the reasons why it has struck a chord with people and art lovers. From being born in Syria to moving to Egypt for her studies, to Dubai and then finally moving to Toronto, Canada, over the years, Lina Faroussi studied visual art from different art institutions.

Her art has helped her gain the respect and recognition she truly deserves today, where she has also got the opportunity to exhibit in several groups and solo shows across the Middle East, Europe, Canada and the US. Her paintings became the talk of the town for their ability to emerge a spiritual vitality, creating universal connections spanning cultural divides. Her paintings combine abstraction and figuration, depicting human figures stretched, tinted and textured in immensely beautiful and exquisite creatures, making people see real emotions in her dream figures. Such is her art that exudes high levels of emotions, capable of inciting many emotions in the person watching the same.

What has allowed her to create her unique niche is her effortless use of acrylic that is mixed with mixed media like clay, sand, Japanese paper, photo transfer and fabric on canvas or wood panel. In 2018, Lina Faroussi originated her new line of business named “Lina’s”, a brand she believes in will take the art world to the next level. With Lina’s, she prints digitally some of her original paintings into different forms of fabric. Initially, she started with scarves/ Wearable art and then she developed the idea into interior and home designs.

Her ideas on her new brand, which exhibits her brilliance in art on fabric and printing art, has further thrust her forward in the art world. Her paintings convey an emotion so deep that it goes ahead in mirroring a different state of mind, and many moments from the past reflecting her Middle Eastern background, taking it a notch higher on authenticism on many levels.

All her paintings and visual art are a treat to the eyes and has earned tremendous recognition because people could connect deeply with them.
You can connect on https://linaartstore.ca/