Talos Holdings LLC Redefines Luxury Living With Its Housing Projects

Talos Holdings LLC Redefines Luxury Living With Its Housing Projects

Talos Holdings LLC talks about what true luxury living should feel like. Having a dominant position in the industry, Talos Holdings LLC is responsible for numerous residential projects across the country. The company offers acquisition, entitlement, construction, and asset management services, and has some of the most experienced personnel at its helm. Led by the vision of President and Chairman John K. McWilliams, Jr., the projects by the company have made news in their respective areas.

John K. McWilliams answers what defines a luxury property:

If you were to look up the word luxury in the dictionary, there would probably be some questions you would be begging to ask. As it is a subjective term, what is luxurious for one buyer might just be a standard offering for another? However, some aspects can be used to differentiate between properties, and for that, it is necessary to look at Talos Holdings LLC. 


Perhaps the most significant part of any luxury property is where it’s located. While a countryside manor would also qualify as a luxury, there is a much more substantial impact if the property was located close to the city, or near an interstate roadway. There may also be natural features, such as rivers, lakes, and mountains, in sight of the property. Compare this to a standard, premium-priced home, and you are likely to find a house located in a suburban neighborhood without any of the location benefits mentioned above. 


A property that is designed with luxury in focus would undoubtedly cater to its residents and users with several amenities. While the traditional idea of a pool can now be found anywhere, other facilities located in the vicinity, often make the difference. Amenities such as fitness centers, saunas, and pet care facilities, like the ones found in projects by Talos Holdings LLC, are welcome additions that make a remarkable difference. Any standard property would lack these amenities, and in order to get them, there would be no other choice but to opt for external services.

Design Philosophy

Since the first blueprints for any project are laid out, there is a certain ideology that goes into making a luxury property. Not only does this include the feelings of residents when they inevitably move in, but also the way the properties are constructed as well. From an engineering perspective, there would be a broad range of materials to choose from when any property is being constructed. Whereas a normal property would go for something that fits the budget, only a luxury property development firm would go for premium materials. Crown Moldings, Premium Sanitary Fittings, and quality fixtures are key to luxury property, and that also includes the overall aesthetic too.

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