Tamara Rutskaya – a business woman of the current generation!

Tamara Rutskaya – a business woman of the current generation!

Not all women in this world can achieve certain heights in their careers. It is especially difficult for those who start over from scratch. To understand what the success of the business woman of the current generation Tamara Rutskaya is, it is necessary at least to trace which path she has overcome.

The first step is the model. The second is an entrepreneur. The third one is a certified journalist. As a result, she is the chief editor of one of the popular fashion publications “Designers From Russia”, which is read daily by hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world, a PR expert and a professional interviewer.

Tamara is a remarkable girl. She attracts attention not only with her beauty and charm, but also with confidence. She is fond of fashion trends and everything related to the fashion industry. But the modeling business is not all that interests her. She has a law degree, which helped her a lot in a career building. However, her further path did not stop at jurisprudence. Getting carried away with advertising, she began to participate in various projects, sign contracts, study at famous schools and improve professionalism with each new step forward.

Considering that it is unacceptable to stop there, Tamara took up a new business – researching the fashion industry market in Russia. Journalism education helped her to reveal her abilities in the direction of information support for domestic designers, whom actually she began to advertise in the modern market. The motivation was more than worthy – to promote talented young people so that they can express themselves and find their niche in the fashion industry.

As an editor of a fashion publication, Tamara Rutskaya is constantly improving herself, honing her skills. After taking a course in creative journalism, she got new ideas and plans that she successfully uses in her career. Thus, we can safely say that she achieved success in business thanks to her perseverance, self-confidence and the right attitude to non-standard life situations. Today, she knows how to quickly make the right decisions, understands where to move, knows what goals she will have in priority in 2023. Tamara is a vivid example for many women who want to achieve something in life.


Tamara Rutskaya

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