Tawhid Pritam Creates New Heights In The World Of Digital Creators

Tawhid Pritam Creates New Heights In The World Of Digital Creators

How long it has been since you referred to a recipe book instead of looking at a YouTube video? Probably an eternity. In today’s scenario, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that YouTube and other video platforms hold a considerable amount of importance in everybody’s life. From a kid watching a cartoon show to an adult listening to Indie music, every person has access to digital content at their fingertips. But who does create all this content? There isn’t a single person behind all this magic, it’s a whole community of people, called Digital Creators.

Photography, Video Editing, Film making and Vlogging are in between those new evolving careers that fascinate today’s youth in myriad ways. In today’s Digital age, digital creators hold an indefinite amount of importance in everybody’s life. Today we’ll get acquainted with one such important Digital Creator, Tawhid Pritam, who has surpassed the limit of creativity in their digital content. Born on 12 February 1997 in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh, Tawhid Pritam is now a British Bangladeshi living in London, UK. Before being exposed to the media industry in 2015, Tawhid completed his formal education.

Tawhid is a professional filmmaker, photographer, video editor, travel vlogger, and entrepreneur. Tawhid also made a film called “London to Snowdonia – A Travel Film.”  Tawhid is renowned as BO55TRY on social media. BO55TRY is a UK private car registration plate. He bought this plate back in 2017. It’s currently installed in his very unique Urban Green BMW.

Tawhid says that he chose a career in media to channel his intellect and artistry while sharing his perspective with the world as well as travelling all around the globe. As a travel vlogger, Tawhid’s creative process is simply looking at the world around him and contemplating it. He aspires to combine his artistic skills and videography knowledge to create content that tells a story and fills the audience’s heart with different kinds of emotions.

Throughout his professional career, Tawhid has accumulated more than enough in-depth experience and expertise in different photography/videography types with an elevated level of technical and commercial awareness. Tawhid’s journey in media made him fall for travel vlogging, portrait photography, wedding photography, commercial photography, and concert photography. For the love of this, he also founded Star One Studio which is a multimedia company that offers professional photography/ videography services for weddings, music videos, and much more. He always strives for 100 per cent client satisfaction.

Tawhid’s travel vlogging style can be considered a pragmatic one with a tinge of innovation and imagination by which he captures moments and creates memories inside only a silicon box that can be watched again and again. His vlogs have the power to inspire the audience. With his charismatic personality, he establishes a genuine bond with his audience, and his content holds an incredible amount of creativity. Tawhid has recently started his YouTube channel in September 2022 as a travel and lifestyle vlogger and he has got a huge response from the netizens which makes the above statement quite obvious.