Tech CEO Ross Andrew Paquette Celebrates Making an Impact in the Spotlight

Tech CEO Ross Andrew Paquette Celebrates Making an Impact in the Spotlight

Ross Andrew Paquette celebrates his recent success in the media.

Ross Andrew Paquette has been making an impact and spreading his knowledge through his recent appearances in the media.

Ross Andrew Paquette is the founder, chairman, and CEO of Maropost, a software company focused on marketing automation and e-commerce.

Ross has appeared in Entrepreneur, Thrive Global, B.C. Courier, Market Expert, Inspired Insider, Seven Figure Entrepreneur, The Entrepreneur Way, Martech Advisor, IT World Canada, Middle Market Executive, Underdog NYC, Only Founders, and more!

In addition to speaking about the success of his company, Ross also speaks about how he has succeeded as a leader – from managing a team, to managing his own time.  

Ross founded Maropost in 2011 because he knew the industry needed disruption. After working for two marketing technology companies, Ross realized that the services and customer support were overpriced and lacked results. On Maropost, Ross says “Organizations need services and partners who are worth the investment. We focus on building partnerships with our clients and driving value instead of treating them as a number.” Through this philosophy, ross has made Maropost one of Canada’s fastest growing and most profitable tech companies.

Ross has given many interviews recently to share his business knowledge with the world. In a recent interview with Entrepreneur, Ross spoke about who he is,  a book that changed his life, what advise he would give his younger self, what excites him the most about his business right now, what’s the most common leadership mistake, how to identify a good business partner, how to prevent burnout, what his charity does, and what he wants his legacy to be.

Ross also has not been shy to more daunting questions. In a recent interview with Thrive Global, Ross spoke about some of the biggest challenges he faces while running an international business amid the COVID-19 crisis, how this crisis has made him adapt his daily routine to stay productive and focused, the biggest lesson he has learned so far from the COVID-19 pandemic, the most common reason people fail or give up, what he enjoys most about being an entrepreneur, how Coronavirus will impact the way consumers shop in the future, how he instills confidence in the future to his Maropost employees and clients, how this CoVID-19 crisis has affected Maropost as a company, and how he personally faces moments of crisis.

Throughout every interview, Ross excels by engaging with the journalist and providing thought-provoking responses. Ross claims that the book Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future changed his mindset because it reminded him that he is not alone in his struggles against what seems like everyone. While Ross does not believe that you should learn exclusively from others, he does believe that you can skip ahead by learning others’ processes and strategies. By giving interviews and being able to share his knowledge and experience with the viewership, Ross is creating an avenue for others to learn from him so that they can find their own pathway to success.