The wait is finally over! Get ready to twirl in the tale of love: Kraj’s new romantic ballad reaches you this summer

The wait is finally over! Get ready to twirl in the tale of love: Kraj’s new romantic ballad reaches you this summer

Swinging through multiple genres and spinning hit music, Kraj is all set to put his audience in trance with another romantic number titled “Soniye” that will be made available on his very own YouTube Channel

Kraj is an independent UK based singer, lyricist and composer, who discovered his interest and was determined to pursue it.
Born and raised in Punjab, India, Kraj started off his musical career by being a lyricist to many established artists and musicians who have just set foot in the industry.

Through this course, he identified his own flair for music and decided to compose and produce his own songs. His dreams had finally started taking shape when he released his first single “Aaja Soni” in collaboration with T-Series. In no time, his music recieved a warm welcome and people wanted to hear more.

Overwhelmed by this positive response that was a huge source of motivation, he worked towards it with greater energy and released his second single, a beautiful romantic composition titled “Haar Gaya” released by an independent label.

Kraj decided to co-produce more albums with established labels so that his music gets global reception. Next up on his list of compositions were “Nakhra”, an edgy and upbeat Punjabi/Hindi track and an urban pop “Lamboride”released by Sony Music India.

Kraj believes every song has this ability to narrate a tale and set the soul on fire .And an artist’s job is to articulate these emotions and channel it to the listeners through their music.

Regarding his work and what urges him to work with so much passion he mentions ” It’s always exciting to let people know what sort of vibe you are feeling In terms of being a musician or trying to be one. There are so many things one could learn to be an artist or someone you want to listen to.”
Kraj’s music is a phenomenal spectacle of his desire to make soulful music. His artistry and diligent work is the mantra to success and in order to sustain it one must keep his interests alive.

He hopes his audience will receive all his upcoming work with enthusiasm and love. He puts his heart in his passion and this quality can move mountains. He has wowed his audience before and by goodness’ grace will continue bringing good music to people. Artists so authentic are rare and what’s rare ought to be valued.

Let’s stay connected with the power of Music and live the experience that it brings.