Temporary Corporate Furnished Apartment Housing

Temporary Corporate Furnished Apartment Housing

Looking for a home away from home? Casey Gale will set you up.

It’s a Friday, you’re looking forward to the weekend and you suddenly get called into the boss’s office. She wants to know what you’d think about moving across the country to take up that position you’ve been dreaming of. But there’s a catch – you have to be there next week!

This dilemma is faced by many a poor soul. Trading in their comfortable, established life to take up a last-minute position a thousand miles away to begin a job in a city you might never have even visited. Where do you begin? Your mind reels at the prospect of packing up, shipping your belongings to places unknown, and finding an apartment. You have no idea of what the rental market looks like, what to expect when you arrive, and the notion of signing that long term lease only to pine for home again terrifies you.

Enter Casey Gale. Casey’s job is to take care of you, to offer a solution to this dilemma and make your transition as smooth and as comfortable as possible. Her mission is to work tirelessly to find your temporary abode. Many of us aren’t aware of this simple solution – Temporary Corporate Furnished Apartment Housing. Yes, a short-term home for you to put your feet up as you adjust to your new life, getting comfortable in your new position or job, allowing you plenty of time to start hunting for that perfect home in your adopted city. Nothing beats getting off the plane and walking into a tastefully furnished dwelling with nothing but a suitcase. No boxes to start unpacking, no sleeping on the floor while you await your bed to arrive, and no candles keeping you company until they connect the power. Yes, it’s all here and ready for you as you focus on making an impression on the new boss, rested and ready to conquer!

Casey Gale has seen it all, moving into Corporate Housing Business management with PC Housing, after a career built in the Apartment Real Estate realm. She will put you into a furnished apartment suited perfectly to your taste for the duration of your temporary transition period. For one month, six months, or for as long as it takes you to find your dream spot, Casey’s sole focus is to solve your relocation needs. Whether on a temporary or permanent basis, PC Housing is here to find out how we can make the move simpler, more convenient, and more comfortable. Taking care of your every whim and need, the PC team will put our expert knowledge to use in solving your relocation requirements.

Casey Gale knows the real estate game. From the perfect location to providing all the comforts of home either on a permanent basis or until your worldly possessions arrive, she’ll make sure that every avenue is covered in making your transition as effortless and as easy as possible.

So, don’t panic when the big moment arrives, forget about the stress of last-minute leases, and your sofa never arriving. We will take care of your temporary furnished apartment accommodation needs. Enjoy the executive life as everything is provided for you. Think modern living, classy furniture, and everything you need to feel at home. What better way to take the next step than with Casey Gale?

For more information or to get the ball rolling, get in touch. Your apartment is waiting!

Casey Gale
Corporate Housing Business Development Manager