SCARELESS, A Multi-Tasking Entrepreneur

SCARELESS, A Multi-Tasking Entrepreneur

A gamer or an athlete is someone who plays video games consistently for a long period. Gamers, whether competitive or not find comfort in spending long hours playing games. Many studies have shown that a greater percentage of kids loves playing games, and some get addicted for a very long time even after becoming fully-grown adults. However, people play games for different reasons, some play for fun while some plays for business: in some countries, gaming are recognized as sports while some countries term gaming as gambling.

Well aside from the fact that gaming has a way of keeping many people busy because it is fun-filled, it has a way of improving your reasoning skill, making you someone with the ability to make decisions within a very short period. A very good example is when gamers are playing to compete, or for fun, they’re addicted to winning and to win. This is why spend a short time analyzing what to do, how to make it around their opponents etc.

Someone playing a football game, for instance, has a duration of 90 minutes to win a match except if there’s extra time, now let’s say the opponent is leading with a goal to nil at the first 45 minutes, then the second 45 minutes begin, all he’d be thinking about is getting a goal back and probably getting another lead goal, This means within a very short period he’d find a way of getting the ball towards the opponent half and probably try different methods to score a goal.

The same analysis that was used in explaining how gamers aim for the best applies to how an entrepreneur too can be. An entrepreneur will always find a way of making the best out of whatthey own, sometimes they’ve got a very limited time to think and take decisions. A gamer going on the entrepreneurial journey can be a great way to success. The gamer is familiar with decision making, strategic planning, among others.

A summary of Scareless

Let’s take a look at the gaming life of Domenic, also known as Scareless by his gaming username. Scareless is an entrepreneur and a active gamer with many gaming and business talents; he has been recognized in many gaming competitions, Scareless was born in Mesa, Arizona on April 25th, 2006. Aside from gaming, Scareless’s journey towards being an entrepreneur has been a motivating path, he has worked with many big-name brands and has helped them in promoting their brand.

He uses many social media platforms, but Instagram is his most recognized and most followed page. Scareless is also an investor in Bitcoin and Ethereum. He is very gifted in the Blockchain reality. He is also an active influencer on his social media accounts. He has over 13k followers on his Instagram account (a very good number for an aspiring entrepreneur).

Sure we can relate the thinking ability of a gamer to that of an entrepreneur: especially someone who has been actively involving in gaming at a very tender age. There’s no doubt that the gaming world is a bit different from how things work in the outside world. A very good example is a gamer losing a game he didn’t bet on (this means he has little or nothing to lose), except probably for some ranks in the gaming community. This is not the same for an entrepreneur because an entrepreneur who lost business will be quite worried or when running at a loss will be disturbed, and all he could think of is how to get back up.

Someone with a gaming mindset who’s also thinking of becoming an entrepreneur may seem unusual because most times, gamers are being seen as people who are not serious. This might be because they take time playing games rather than studying. If only people could take time in analyzing what the gamer can do within a short period, they’d see how great they can achieve being an entrepreneur, from fast thinking to decision making.

With time we can keep track of what scareless would achieve as an entrepreneur; this can encourage more people that gaming can build their mindset on being a greater person. Many teenagers get discouraged from people’s perspectives on gaming; they sometimes lose their interest in becoming a professional gamer. Scareless’s story is a perfect motivation to encourage more people that they can achieve more while threading the path to becoming a world-class gamer.

If you are interested in contacting Scareless, his website is located here.