The Best Music Marketing Company for Independent Artists

The Best Music Marketing Company for Independent Artists

Being an independent artist has never provided more opportunities, nor has it ever been more competitive than it is right now. With so many platforms to share your music on, artists are now more accessible than at any other point in history.

For artists, navigating this notoriously tough industry and now saturated and competitive landscape calls for skills and strategy to stand out. Finding a strategic platform like Spotify often helps independent artists stand out from the crowd. It is suggested to go for the Best sites to buy real Spotify plays for a wider engagement.

Enter De Novo Agency for independent artists.

De Novo Agency is the brain child of the co-founders James Landry and Elliot Tousley. The two talented entrepreneurs both came from strong music and entertainment backgrounds with the goal of working with independent artists and helping them build their careers.

Certainly, no small goal.

Before we dive into all of the ways that they help their artists, let’s get their bio on the record.

“DNA partners with musicians at all levels and assists them in getting more business opportunities by utilizing data-driven music marketing. DNA has partnered with dozens of independent playlist curators who operate hundreds of targeted playlists on Spotify. They leverage these playlist placements for musicians in order to reach an audience, gather unique data and demographics, form a target audience of similar fans to market to on social media, and capitalize on business opportunities by leveraging the metrics and data they receive for the artist. DNA helps artists in any stage of their career–whether they are releasing their very first single, or trying to negotiate a sought-after record deal.”

A core belief of DNA is that artists have to approach their music with the mind of a marketer, and they help them see that, plan for that, and execute on that.

Okay, let’s turn our attention to just how they achieve this and more specifically, how they help independent artists like you.

Spotify Services for Independent Artists

As of Q1 2020, Spotify was home to 286 million active monthly users. Being on that platform and being strategic with your approach is critically valuable for independent artists.

De Novo Agency knew that it was imperative for them to help artists be successful at this. Like any offering they have, there are multiple packages that artists can choose from and they can pick the right one for their needs.

While each package varies from the next, here is the crux of what you as an independent artist can get.

  • Data-Driven Music Marketing
  • Organically Place Your Music in User-Curated Playlists on Spotify
  • Locate Your Unique Target Audience
  • Build a Custom Marketing Plan Based on Data
  • Verifiable Data Guarantee

As an artist in the most competitive era of music, the onus is on you to make your music stand out and to get it in front of the right audience. DNA partners with you to help with this.

“DNA placed me in seven playlists on Spotify and about 10 days later I was organically added to 30 more! I was in front of 900k listeners and earned 100k streams in less than a month!”

CURTI$Y – @TheRealCurtisy

Learn more about De Novo Agency’s Spotify services.

YouTube Services for Independent Artists

If you were surprised by the number of active monthly users on Spotify, then the 2 billion that log on to YouTube each month will surely blow you away.

Having a content plan for YouTube will help your music reach a large audience and grow your following. Just like with Spotify, it’s helpful to have a partner, and luckily De Novo Agency has your back on this too.

Again, DNA gives you options and packages to chose from to give you the most control possible will building this partnership. Here are the details on their YouTube offering.

  • Data-Driven YouTube Marketing
  • Design & Run Ads for Your Video on the Google Ad Suite and Point Them at Look-a-Like Audiences
  • Take the Data Available About Your Audience (From Spotify, Instagram, Etc.) and Target Similar Users on YouTube.

Running a data-driven ads campaign on YouTube and letting data drive your future decisions is a great way to create a competitive edge in the entertainment world.

Learn more about De Novo Agency’s YouTube Services.

Blog Placements & PR Services for Independent Artists

The last piece of the puzzle here is blog placements and PR services for independent artists. As an artist or an entrepreneur, the packing (AKA your brand) means a lot in the public eye.

Crafting that public image and properly creating your marketing narrative has become an increasingly important part of being an independent artist. And as the more things change, the more they stay the same. If you have a new piece of music, a new album, a new video, or anything else new, then you need a press release.

In 2020, you want that press release on blogs with audiences. Once again, that’s where De Novo is there to help you. And, again they have multiple packages to choose from which puts the control in your hands.

Here is the main offering for their blog placements and PR services:

  • Help You Create Your Marketing Narrative
  • The DNA Team of Writers Will Interview You and Help You Craft an Effective Call-to-Action (CTA)
  • You Get a Unique Press Release That You Can Keep and Send to Whoever You Want
  • They Write and Publish Articles About You and Your Music Business

Essentially, this service helps you round out and build your brand.

Learn more about De Novo Agency’s Blog Placement & PR Services.

Why Having an Agency Partner Matters

Just in these three areas, you can see just how much work there is to do as an independent artist to create the successful career that you want. It’s not easy, but nothing worth doing is.

However, De Novo’s goal is to work with you to make it easier.

For you, picking the right strategic partner is as crucial as the decision to have one in the first place. Part of knowing that you’re working with the right agency is understanding the process.

In the case of De Novo, they use a six step process:

  1. You Submit Your Music
  2. DNA Analyzes Your Music
  3. Placement/Design
  4. Data Collection
  5. Consultation to Build on Results
  6. Create More Opportunities

In short, the process is hands on, they take personal interest in you, and it’s a real partnership. But don’t just take our word for it, here are some artist reviews.

If you are ready to get started and partner with an agency, then you should reach out to De Novo Agency today.