The Blockcharter A Global Financial Service gives some Alternative Investment Strategies

The Blockcharter is a global Financial Service Provider providing valuable information to clients who are looking for alternative investment strategies. Covering a large spectrum of alternative strategies, The Blockcharter offers exclusive access to investment solutions throughout market and economic cycles. It operates through regulated affiliated entities and partners based in the main financial centres.

The Blockcharter is supported by experienced investors and traders, as well as by investment consultants and developers of trading systems. Since inception, the company has built key strategic partnerships and works very efficiently with multiple vendors in the industry, successfully achieving to assure the four fundamental cornerstones for our clients to optimise their investment – performance and profitability:

 The utmost transparency and absolute absence of any conflict of interests
 The most reliable client – asset custodian conditions
 The best performing trading systems and protocols

In addition, The Blockcharter works with customers through every aspect of the process so that they may have a comfortable and beneficial experience.

The blockcharter are committed to helping all clients find the best strategy for managing and growing their capital and delivering unrivalled trading performance whilst focusing on reducing risk and sustaining consistent profitability over the long term.

The Blockcharter is available for institutional investors (including corporations, foundations, endowments and pensions), funds of hedge funds, family offices and high-net-worth individuals but also to Retail Clients looking for valuable information while trying to access the markets with best available conditions.

How it works;

The client opens and registers a trading account at managed by an expert trader

The expert places trades on your account, so you don’t have to do this yourself. Usually these expert traders are equipped with the trading software that allows them to make trading risk-free and place trades with somewhat 75% win rate as they say. You can follow the progress of trading in real-time on most of the social media platforms of the company and through your account.

So, the most valuable part is the sophisticated software specially designed to analyze markets in real time and provide stable trends for different currencies and commodities. The experts follow these trends and forecasts while managing your accounts. To achieve the best results in good market situation and stable forecasts the experts can increase the trading amount and number of trades to get the higher profits.

The guaranteed profits are real high with the In general, they are between 200-700% annually. The profits % usually depends on the deposited amount as the higher the deposited amount the bigger the trading amounts can be. The blockcharter team keeps its management fee by deducting a specified fee monthly, and at the withdrawal time. The management fees are usually within 1-10% range.

Commitment to client service:

The blockcharter is committed to keeping all clients informed of the investment results and research activities. The blockcharter has made significant investments in client service, operations and compliance. The blockcharter views client service, operations and compliance as significant functions requiring constant vigilance

 Segregation of client funds
 Works only with regulated banks/brokers аffiliates
 Several investment products available
 Protection of client deposits


The Blockcharter offers you the opportunity to earn a consistent income without having to make a big investment. Recommend their services to your friends, clients and business partners and receive a part of the fees.

Attract just one client and you will receive partnership commissions for as long as that client uses the blockcharter services.