The Book That Happened is a book of discovering the undiscoverable

The Book That Happened is a book of discovering the undiscoverable

THE BOOK THAT HAPPENED explores the concepts that permeate our everyday lives from a unique perspective. These include space, time, chance, and infinity, but the book will take us on a journey through the universe and make us part of infinity itself. When we reach the timeless world, what will greet us there? Why do we need infinity? Sometimes we will have a shocking experience after the realization. The book guides the reader step by step and demands a very strict logical compliance from us and from itself. This is not a book that we will read in a single sitting, even though it is very careful in the way it introduces seemingly simple concepts.

There are some fantastic and enthusiastic ideas about the origin of the universe, but unfortunately there is no agreement about what infinity means, and we are not even sure about the basics of how it works. The Book That Happened tackles this subject. We can experience the sensation of the invisible, of what some of us think does not exist – because we cannot see it, we cannot measure it. Let’s taste a part of it on YouTube.

At the beginning of the book, we are given an almost childlike description of time and space; but then the questions arise. Questions that make us uncomfortable because they are not the sort of things you ask.

What’s interesting is that the book never claims to write the truth, it just asks questions and circles around possible answers. We decide where it is and what the truth is. Of course, it provides all the help, but it is up to the reader to decide. Later, towards the middle of the book, we can’t even be sure that there is such a thing as the truth. We will be confused, we will not see the past or the future for a long time, and it will not be so obvious that we exist in the present. But then where do we exist? We get a lot of thought experiments, some of them entertaining, some of them funny, and some of them momentarily shocking.

The theme of the book also touches on the world of quanta in small details. Don’t be frightened by the word, no one expects us to be physics professors, we are talking about processes described in childlike simplicity. The exploration would be incomplete if the book did not ask what existence is, how the universe we think we know and understand to some extent came into being. The reader will provide the answer; the writer does not do it for us. 

This book is not about chasing success, promoting the first and only author, but about a very sincere, friendly help. It helps you understand the importance of asking questions, it helps you understand that without the details there is no complete picture. Deep thinkers can achieve an alternative way to understand reality, and perhaps see the necessity of our constructed reality.

The author Attila and the Editor Krisz Nadasi have done a heavenly thing by bringing this book to the audience. The book is going to be trend setter and bestselling very soon.