Tigerlily: Taking the Fashion World by Storm

Tigerlily: Taking the Fashion World by Storm

Tigerlily Hill is an extremely world renown woman who set her place in the world through countless accomplishments despite her being only in her early years of life. Her experience and achievements depict multiple images of her persona, all overqualified to be a solid role model for any individual.

Island Roots and Global Brannches

 She’s a product of the Caribbean, Cayman in particular, and as a person from such a small portion of a vast world it is an amazing feat to impact the fashion world the way he has in the time she’s been creating her masterpieces.”I am from the Caribbean, so it is a dream to be showing on such a scale,” said Hill, remarking on what it means to be presenting a collection at the regional fashion spectacle. Miss Hill had a mother and father of Jamaican and British decent respectively. Her youth was  spent frequently travelling to and from different areas in the world. Being the island girl she was, the exposure to multiple different cultures and lifestyles all around her altered her perspective on life, as it would anyone.

 After some time, her parents finally decided to settle in Iowa, where Miss Hill enrolled at the University of Iowa, along with her brother Nikola. However, Tigerlily chose to complete her studies at the Richmond, The American International University in London. Despite being abroad for long periods of time Hill and her family’s hearts were still connected to the Cayman Islands. She returned to her homeland with all that she had experienced and learned abroad. She put her creativity and her intelligence and merged them into a single, intense drive and tool which she would then use to fulfill her dreams.

A Fresh Approach to Fashion

Hill describes her work as classic and fun. She made it an ideal mission of her for the wearer of her designs to feel comfortable in setting they found themselves in.  Her choice of target market was particularly the women who want to be fashionable at the office as well as the ones who want the full glamour treatment on the red carpet. As a result of her self-motivation and goal oriented mindset Hill became a celebrity wardrobe stylist with her American television debut on Glam God with Vivica A. Fox. This experience prompted her to do more with her talents and therefore almost immediately following this job she created her first line of designs called the Crown Atelier. This line of clothes gave her so much recognition because they were also worn on the red carpet by well-known actors such as Keira Knightley, Hilary Duff, Taryn Manning, Carla Gugino, Maria Menounos, Catt Sadler and Haley Bennett. In fact, she gained so much attention and exposure from this job that she was high on the radars of high rolling fashion designers and gained network access which she then used as a means to land a job withVH1 fashion series and additionally Glam God and she hasn’t had a change of heart since.

The Cayman National Cultural Foundation (CNCF) awarded her the Star for Creativity in the Arts Gold on February 25, 2016. The award is given to individuals who have attained the highest level of merit in the artistic discipline, contributed to arts, culture and heritage in the Cayman Islands. She was also awarded by the editors of the Essence Magazine in which she was highlighted as one of the designers to watch. In June 2012 she won the Emerging Designer Award at Caribbean Fashion Week.

In a nutshell, Hill is the epitome of success through determination and strife.