The Girl Who Shone Like A Star.

The Girl Who Shone Like A Star.

The Principal’s Office

I briskly walked through the door adjoining the Principal’s office. I did not even notice the sign at the door that read “staff members only”, as I walked on the blue carpet passing the curriculum manager’s office parallel to the Principal’s office. I knocked on the door. “Come in!” she answered. It was Mrs. M. Dixon, a lovely statuesque lady who spoke with a strong Irish accent. She was a no-nonsense person and both students and staff members feared her.

“How did you get in here without a teacher by your side, Brittany?” she asked as she glared down at me. I paid no attention to her stern chastisement; I was shocked that she knew my name. I was out of breath, running for my life, so I had to hold my breath for a second or two before answering.

“There is a big fight, Mrs. Dixon, and I did not want to be a part of it. I wanted to get someone to come and help Mr. Grant, so I had to come to you; sorry for breaking the rules.” I apologised. “Well, madam, a bit too late for that apology and where is that fight?

Before I could answer her question, I heard the door behind me creak open. Chantelle rushed in panting and gasping for air. She ran right toward Mrs. Dixon and I trying to speak but unable to catch her breath. A second or two later, the door swung open and again Mr. Grant, holding Levi and Dimitri by their collars, came rushing in. I was suddenly terrified about what would happen next. I felt as if I had seen a ghost, and I saw stars. Suddenly the roof was turning, and I was gasping for air. My chest felt tight. I could not figure out what this situation was affecting my health. I felt panicked like I needed to get out of there. I staggered to the door hoping to get out of the room. I held on to my throat as I felt as if my lungs were closing up on me. I caught a glimpse of everyone else watching me. I think, at least for a moment, they all thought that I was being dramatic until I ultimately collapsed on the floor. I vividly remembered seeing Chantelle who was standing just a few inches away from where I fell. She looked fearfully at me like she was seeing a helping fish out of the water seeking oxygen

“Call the ambulance; get her into the recovery position!

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Andrew Beckford is a teacher and the author of four books. He is curently working on his fifth book and he is hoping to release that book in the next 4 weeks. His next book will be different and that is all he wishes to say.