The Hot Rapper MPR Riche Rich

The Hot Rapper MPR Riche Rich

A couple of months after sharing his very impressive studio project The Mailman Has Returned, Detroit star-in-the-making Mpr Riche Rich hit the ground running. He dropped multiple new singles and visuals, “Mobster & I’m A Don.” Put together by MPRMG Films, the “1738 & Cush” video he took it back to his neighborhood and turned the block up. He brought the Bentley out to give his neighborhood another level of hope. The character he displays is on another level he has always been a popular flashy guy.

“In Detroit, you are either excepted or your not it is one of the toughest markets to capture their attention. Mpr Riche Rich previously explained to In the city magazine opening up about how he originally got started with his music career. “If you’re gonna do music you gotta give them exactly what they wanna here or they are not buying it. Being just come home from a sentence he was all in or nothing. He had something to prove amongst his peers and that he did. He went from working a temporary agency job to in the studio every day all day. He knew he got a second chance and he wasn’t letting that pass him up.

“I freestyled for a long ass time. That’s all I used to do growing up: freestyle for hours and hours, say a bunch of hard shit and then never remember it the next day,” Mpr Riche Rich added, elaborating on his start in rap. “Taking it seriously and actually rapping? While I was locked up. I was rapping with my right-hand men, Marty. He was really the only reason I was rapping for real because he just liked playing beats he had an ear fa this music shit no cap.”

You can check out Mpr Riche Rich’s new “The Mailman Why Would I Stop Now” On all streaming platforms, and stay tuned for much more from the fast-rising artist.

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