The latest update to Apple’s App Store raises the maximum price to $10,000.

The latest update to Apple’s App Store raises the maximum price to $10,000.

This week, Apple unveiled 700 new price points and tools that will let developers charge their customers on the App Store without restrictions.

The smartphone company promised to make changes to the App Store that would focus on improving developer capabilities after settling a class-action lawsuit last year. Bloomberg reports that before Apple made these changes, developers could only choose from one hundred different price points.

Previously, the maximum price an app could charge was $999.99 and the minimum price range for subscriptions was 49 cents. The minimum price in the United States is 29 cents, and the maximum price is $10,000, according to Apple’s Tuesday update.

“These newly announced tools, which will begin rolling out today and continue throughout 2023, will create even more flexibility for developers to price their products while staying approachable to the hundreds of millions of users Apple serves worldwide, and in turn help developers continue to thrive on the App Store,” the company said in a press release.

According to Apple, developers will be able to control the price of their products across 175 storefronts in 45 different currencies. In addition, developers will be able to set prices per storefront in the App Store, with plans to implement this pricing system for all other apps by spring 2023.

Developers will also be able to change prices by territory, although the store already lets them change prices based on tax and currency changes.

“The App Store‚Äôs commerce and payments system offers developers an ever-expanding set of capabilities and tools to grow their businesses, from frictionless checkout and transparent invoicing for users to robust marketing tools, tax and fraud services, and refund management,” Apple noted.