The musical artist Nicola Venturi is famous for “MoVerse, Chic in Beat, Suffray, Call Me”

The musical artist Nicola Venturi is famous for “MoVerse, Chic in Beat, Suffray, Call Me”

Nicola Venturi was born in Bergamo at 1987 is one of the greatest musical artists of recent times on all digital stores, falls in love with the DJ set and music production during an event organized in Milan and in a short time under the influence of “Carl Cox” with a passion for vinyls and classical music, Venturi under the AR.MS. Empire searches for the right fusion among the sounds present around the world, managing to cover various musical styles both “old School” and “new School” with its sounds, to land on the most prestigious consoles in Italy.

The first pieces of him were born from the sounds he discovered in my last trips abroad, traveling opens the mind, and makes you see things differently. In music, traveling is fundamental, discovering new places to play; new people to collaborate with or simply find inspiration for new sounds.

One of Nicola’s secrets is living for music, wanting to become famous is just a dream, wanting to live with music can become reality, with work and study. You can’t control success … it’s just the result of long work, yet it doesn’t necessarily happen. Do the things you can control or change. If done right they can guarantee success.

Nicola Venturi is among the trendiest producers of this period, with sounds similar to Bon Sinclair and the new vibes present on the international record market, boasts numerous collaborations with international artists, producing numerous remixes and productions.

Some of his most famous hits are: Call Me, Chic In Beat, MoVerse that conquer several thousand and thousands of plays.

Nicola reveals: “I wanted to create a collection that was suitable for multiple circumstances such as a club or a simple lounge bar so that everyone can get to know this musical reality and discover its vastness”

For this reason, in the music market, everyone believes it is the debut of a new real star and with all the credentials to climb the top you just have to follow him on his social and instagram accounts.