The Pathway Success: With Entrepreneur Cody Kerns

The Pathway Success: With Entrepreneur Cody Kerns

Cody Kerns is a name synonymous with the social media marketing agency world. In 2015, Cody started his business when he realized there was a huge disconnect in the industry- people and brands alike had more followers than they had engagement. What this meant was, brands were either buying fake followers or marketing agencies were doing that for them in order to fake an appearance of a certain reputation. Cody started solving this problem for himself and others, and it quickly turned into a business where he could help hundreds, and even thousands, of people expand their brand

What Is Coming Next?

The future for an online marketing company is endless, as long as they keep up with the trends. For Cody and his business, ‘iComeUp’ Marketing, their overall goal is to be able to help their clients grow on Instagram and continue to use the latest techniques and trends to do that, while also providing a very valuable service for brands and individuals who may not have the time, or knowledge of how to grow their brand on social media. With a company that has over 5 years of experience and knowledge of social media and how its users work, Cody is in a prime position to continue what he has built, and help thousands of people for years to come.

Giving Back More

Something that is at the heart of Cody’s business, and the heartbeat of his company, is helping as many people as possible. It’s a very tried and true mantra to live by that: “Helping people get what they want will help you get what you want.” When you give back to your customers and help them reach their goals and create the success they want, nothing is impossible for you or your business. Cody knows this, and this is exactly what makes him and his company successful.

Major Obstacles & Overcoming Them

Just like every entrepreneur who eventually becomes a success, Cody had his fair share of obstacles. Back in 2015, social media marketing was a fairly newer industry and there weren’t really any rules.

Cody and his team had to constantly adapt, and essentially this led to them being pioneers in the industry and creating the “rules” and the techniques and standards by which many existing social media agencies operate today. It’s safe to say that not only did Cody and his company overcome obstacles, but they also paved the way for the future of the industry.

Before long, Cody was running a 6-figure, and then 7-figure, online marketing agency, working with some of the most elite celebrities and influencers in the industry, as well as with multi millionaire businessmen the likes of Grant Cardone, and others like him. What started as a solution to a simple problem, has created endless opportunities for Cody in the business world. He took advantage of these opportunities at the right time and capitalized big.