The story of Brandon Mimms, a digital marketing entrepreneur

The story of Brandon Mimms, a digital marketing entrepreneur

Social media management and digital marketing entrepreneur, Brandon Mimms was born and raised in the city of Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada. He always had an entrepreneurial mindset which helped him make valuable connections and meet people he would not have met otherwise. 

Brandon, deep inside, never saw himself as a typical 9-5 worker. He went to college and followed a path he thought would get him into a career in marketing. College gave him a glimpse in the world of social media but Brandon felt it was not enough. He spent countless hours researching various platforms and decided to start experimenting with Twitter. He began to recognize patterns in its content promotion algorithm and utilized that to his advantage. Mimms started curating all his content so it would align with the patterns he recognized. His strategy drastically improved his results and his reach. As a result, he got over 500,000 followers, more advertising opportunities, built his network, and built a business around social media marketing. Brandon quickly became known as the go-to guy who could scale social media pages. 

Today he has built his network into over 10 million total followers across 20 highly sought-after pages. @USA, @Shoes, @Santaclaus, @Hockey are all usernames he currently owns, to name a few. Brandon’s pages have become cash cows, generating consistent daily revenues, part of which he reinvests into growing his business. He works with multinational corporations such as PUBG, Runescape, and E11Gaming. Brandon has built and sold over 20 other pages to various college football teams across North America. 

As a Niagara Falls, Ontario native, he is working with businesses in that region to help businesses better understand social media. Brandon has also acquired the @Niagarafalls page to promote the natural beauty of his hometown. Brandon has also created a charity to give back to those less fortunate during the holiday season. Partnering up with major global brands in an effort to bring some holiday cheer to the Niagara region.

Brandon is continuing his growth at a record setting pace and showing no signs of slowing down any time soon.  This is one entrepreneur you should keep an eye out for because this is not the last time we’ll hear of him.

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