The Thuggizzle Life-Changing Story: Hip-Hop Philanthropist

The Thuggizzle Life-Changing Story: Hip-Hop Philanthropist

Phillip Hodge aka Thuggizzle a hip hop artist involved in community philanthropy, victim of instability, societal neglection and abuse while growing up with siblings shares hope to the world.

December 17th, 2018 – It has been an incredible year for Phillip Hodge better known by his stage name ‘Thuggizzle’ a talented American hip-hop artist and rapper notable for his exceptional talent in rhyming freestyle rap. Thuggizzle incredible upbeat attitude, motivational songs, philanthropic lifestyle and positive energy combine to make him one of the most sought after rap artiste in the business today.

The Texas based rapper formally known to be Young Thug but presently called Thuggizzle is highly rated for his excellent and creative rap style, little wonder how he comes about with his lyrics, Phillip would simply say “I am able to run my mouth”, literally speaking he doesn’t write his lyrics down or practice them. His popularity grew after his first owned album titled “The Chronic” was released featuring the popular rap star Snoop Dogg the then Snoop Doggy Dogg.  Phillip Hodge is widely considered a man with a heart of gold, touching lives as a community philanthropist inspired by his life’s story growing up in different foster homes facing life’s challenges unease.

Phillip was born into this world 28 years ago, growing up in foster homecare with two older sisters and a younger sister, they faced a lot of difficulties, instabilities, neglection and sexual abuse, all that could be experienced when one lacked care and moral attention. But still eager to make a meaning out of a rough life, fighting challenges of his time he ran in and out of troubles and was placed on medications, Phillip engaged in a few jobs, always ready to make ends meet. Many would say that his memories and encounters in life added to his flow in rapping.

In one of Phillip Hodge’s stories, he recounted that after getting into a number of troubles, a staff member at the Baptist children’s home where he was staying gave him some advice that changed his world, In his words “ I remembered an older staff member pulled me to the side and told me. Baby you don’t need this meds, all you have to do is balance your life style and anger. Why don’t you use your music as an outlet” this was an eye opener for Phillip as he came to the realization that he could live his life.

On an interview with Phillip Hodge, he was asked why he resisted been adopted he answered “ I didn’t want to be adopted because I felt that would spilt us up, if I had known we could have stayed together and been adopted, I would love it, I always wanted a family”. Referring to his siblings, Phillip never wanted to leave nor stay away from then as he felt it would mean him turning his back on them.

Phillip Hodge always devotes his time, talent and treasure to a non-profit organization known as ‘Thuggizzle Cares’, an organization he founded been motivated by his experiences in life and on one occasion, he watched a close relative died of cancer, Thuggizzle Cares implements more than 20 different services serving across everyone in the world today.

I let God decide who we go out there to help. At the end of the day, I’m no different than the next man except I have God in my life” said Thuggizzle. “I I have been able to open doors and help others through them” he continued. Phillip Hodge mission is to make the world a better for all to live in. Coupled with drive and passion the talented hip-hop artist seems unstoppable and as long as he is breathing he will make the world love his music.

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