The Top Screen Covers For The Google Pixel 8a in 2024

The Top Screen Covers For The Google Pixel 8a in 2024

Although it’s not intended to compete with Google’s flagship phones, the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro, the Google Pixel 8a is the company’s most recent smartphone. With a stunning camera, the Tensor G3 engine, and Google’s Gemini Nano AI model’s cutting-edge intelligence, the Pixel 8a is a powerful intermediate device.

But if you can’t see it, none of that matters a damn. Any smartphone’s display is essential, and the Pixel 8a’s 6.1-inch OLED panel is stunning. With its 120Hz refresh rate and much increased brightness, it can rival some of the best phones available in the midrange market. But the entire tech stack needs to be secured. The best screen protectors for the Google Pixel 8a are listed below to shield the screen of your phone from smudges, scratches, and debris.

Placing a new pane of glass on top of an existing one is one of the finest ways to safeguard glass, and JETech’s tempered glass screen protector does just that. The oleophobic coating prevents water and oil from smearing the surface of the tempered glass, which has been tested up to 9H on the hardness scale and can withstand scratches from almost anything you’re likely to have in your pocket.

It’s easy to attach to your Pixel 8a with the installation tool, and the triple pack offers great value for the money. The drawback? This is just a decent glass protector; nothing very spectacular about it, so continue reading if you’re looking for something a little fancier.

You would be mistaken to think that a world with tempered glass would not be appropriate for movies. Film isn’t as safe as glass, which is really the main reason to stay away from it. Still, there are several good reasons to purchase a film protector.

Firstly, it sits much closer to the screen and is far thinner than toughened glass. Film protectors are a great option for people who like to replace their protectors frequently because they are secondly much simpler to remove and replace. Small scratches are automatically filled in thanks to the self-healing qualities, and this double pack won’t break the bank because to its affordable price.