The Verse and How He Used Authenticity to Launch His Career

The Verse and How He Used Authenticity to Launch His Career

When rap first began, rappers rapped about real life problems which served a purpose in their community. Nowadays, many new-school rappers have risen up that rap about a false lifestyle in their music in order to “look cool” and appeal to their audiences. The Verse however is different. He is one of the rare artists today who still raps about his authentic life.

When the Verse raps, he raps about his upbringing in his Georgia neighborhood and speaks about the struggles he had growing up. With this he is able to connect his listeners bringing them in on The Verse’s story. When the Verse raps about these topics, the audience is able to get a taste of what it is like to be in the rapper’s shoes.

Combined with his real lyrics, The Verse also has a solid work ethic when it comes to putting out music. Once he put his first mixtape he was locked in to pursue music full time. When asked about his first mixtape he said, “Since then, I knew there was no going back”. After this The Verse started taking things seriously even to the point of cutting off the bad influences. This allowed The Verse to continue to focus on getting his message out and impacting his fans. 

With all the false claims the new school rappers are making through their raps, it’s refreshing to hear a rapper speaking about a true story. This is the type of real content you can expect to hear from The Verse.

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