There are two new colors and range ratings for the Tesla Model Y

There are two new colors and range ratings for the Tesla Model Y

Tesla increased the range estimates for two different Model Y options while also adding two new colors to the all-electric crossover on Thursday night.

Although they are new for the Model Y, the two hues are not new to Tesla. The Model Y now features Ultra Red and Stealth Grey as optional colors, according to the company. Purchasers will not pay more for Stealth Grey, while Ultra Red will cost an extra $2,000.

The Model S and Model X were first available in stealth grey in October 2023, and Ultra Red was added in March of the previous year.

“Flame Red,” which is available in China, is the same as Ultra Red.

Since the Model Y’s debut, this is the first time Tesla has introduced a new color in the US. Only Model Y cars manufactured at Gigafactory Berlin are available on the European market in the colors Midnight Cherry Red and Quicksilver, which are offered by Tesla.

The manufacturer has revised range estimates for both vehicles in addition to the new colors available for the Model Y.

The ranges of the Model Y’s Performance and Long Range versions have also been shortened. The Long Range rating has decreased from 330 miles to 310 miles.

In the meantime, the Model Y Performance has dropped from 303 miles to 285 miles.

Three Tesla cars made in the United States currently come in these colors, while the Model 3 (for the time being at least) continues to be available in the original five colors. The Midnight Silver Metallic model that Tesla had previously provided as a free option for the Model Y has been phased out.

Red Multi-Coat and Midnight Silver Metallic are still available on the Model 3 from Tesla as of 8:46 p.m. on Thursday.