These food varieties ought to never be cooked in a strain cooker

These food varieties ought to never be cooked in a strain cooker

However much tension cookers have made our lives more straightforward by rapidly setting up our food sources, there are a few things which ought to never be cooked in a strain cooker. As indicated by Dr Sanjay Singh, Specialist General Doctor, Cygnus Laxmi Clinic, while pressure cookers are adaptable and proficient kitchen machines, there are specific sorts of food that are more qualified for other cooking strategies.

“Understanding these restrictions and going with informed decisions about how to plan various food sources will assist with guaranteeing the best results concerning taste, surface, and dietary benefit while keeping a protected and charming cooking experience,” Dr Sanjay added.

Dr Shradha Singh, Clinical Dietician, MSc Sustenance (Gold Medalist), Rule Emergency clinic Ltd, made sense of that “monitoring these constraints and picking suitable cooking strategies will guarantee both the security and dietary nature of the pre-arranged feasts.”

Southern style food sources

Utilizing a tension cooker to profound fry food sources isn’t prescribed because of the innate dangers related with the high strain and hot oil, according to Dr Sanjay.

“Profound searing requires cautious temperature control, and strain cookers are not intended for this reason. Improper utilization of a strain cooker for profound searing can prompt mishaps like oil splattering or overheating, representing a gamble of consumes and fires,”

Speedy cooking vegetables

As per Dr Sanjay, vegetables like peas, asparagus, and zucchini are delicate and cook quickly. Involving a tension cooker for these vegetables can prompt overcooking and loss of their lively varieties and supplements. “These vegetables are best cooked utilizing quicker techniques like steaming or sautéing, which help to hold their freshness, supplements, and normal flavors

The equivalent goes for mixed greens, as per Dr Shradha. “To hold their dietary respectability, it is ideal to cook salad greens utilizing delicate strategies like steaming or sautéing,”

Dairy items

As per Dr Shradha, when presented to high tension and temperature, dairy items like milk or cream can coagulate and separate, prompting unwanted surfaces and flavors in your dishes. It is prudent to add dairy items after the strain cooking process is finished.

Giving a model, “In the event that you’re making a smooth soup, add the milk or cream and other dairy fixings once the strain has been delivered to abstain from any coagulating or unfortunate changes in taste and consistency.”


Cooking entire eggs in their shells inside a tension cooker can be unsafe, Dr Shradha exhorted. “The caught steam inside the eggs can make them detonate, prompting a likely wreck and hazard of consumes. It is vital to stay away from pressure cooking entire eggs.”