TMG FRE$H puts passion to paper in his new release “VLONE”. His first single to drop off his anticipated EP MARGIELA LANGUAGE (dropping this Summer). 

VLONE produced by Mad Max and JMike is a deep dive into dealing with betrayal and that ah-ha moment of realizing the importance of having strong discernment in these streets because of other people’s envy and lack of good character.

Inspired by an unfortunate eye-opening event in 2019, TMG FRE$H is back smarter, wiser, and still dripped & draped!

TMG FRE$H, born Doug Jordan, is a multifaceted creative with a unique artistic flair that extends to the many arms of the entertainment industry. From creating music that speaks to his generation to directing and writing independent films, FRE$H doesn’t just aspire to do things, he does them. Period.

Growing up in the Bay area, he was exposed to the rich and integrated Oakland culture that deeply influenced his artistic expression. Traveling the country through his parents’ philanthropic endeavors and involvement with local and national politics, TMG FRE$H’s exposure to diverse communities also helped shape his creativity as an artist and his approach to life as a man.

Along with his music, film career and plans to manage professional fighters in the near future, TMG FRE$H has goals that speak to his upbringing of acute awareness about social issues and social justice and how one person can make a big difference on a large scale. Quiet and thoughtful but strong-willed, the rapper is a legacy builder and wants his fans to know, “you can do anything”.
It’s that mindset that pushes him to do more, including starting a media company that encompasses music, film, television, fashion, the ability to empower and put other artists in a position to successfully live out their dreams. All of this and more speaks to his desire to be immortalized through his art- music and film – and the hope for people to experience his legacy and influence for generations to come.

A tastemaker and all-around artistic virtuoso, TMG FRE$H’S belief in the importance and power of spirituality and the role it plays in the international community is a guiding force behind his drive to be the best. TMG FRE$H is on a mission to leave the world better than he found it one song, one film, one amazing endeavor at a time.