Together towards a better future – MEAB Bank

Together towards a better future – MEAB Bank

MEAB bank strives to be a key pillar in the Lebanese community as it believes that as a bank, it carries the responsibility of supporting the community, country and economy to create a better future for everyone. We are committed to our corporate social responsibility that targets community, social and environmental engagement.  

On more than one occasion, MEAB bank has sponsored non-governmental associations and has been a main part in their events such as SAID NGO, The Lebanese Diaspora Conference in South Africa, and the Islamic University Conference in 2018. We believe that supporting those associations helps shed the light on their positive message and creates a strong community bond with our employees as well as our clients. 

MEAB bank has also launched several societal initiatives such as supporting women’s participation in elections as this cause is close to our hearts as we believe that women should have a more active role in the social and political scene. We supported as well the enhancement road infrastructure through the “Hayetak bi Idak” campaign on road safety as it is one the biggest daily dangers we encounter as drivers or pedestrians in Lebanon. 

As a bank and as community, we are constantly striving to raise awareness when it comes to different humanitarian and health issues like World Autism Day, Breast Cancer Awareness Day, Blood Donation Day, etc. MEAB bank has supported the Lebanese Army by raising a spirit of patriotism and solidarity as we have encouraged our customers and employees to pay tribute and honor our brave soldiers. We have also raised contributions to support the families of Lebanese martyrs as a totem of our gratitude for their sacrifice. 

Following the devastating August 4 explosion at the Beirut port which destroyed half the capital and took over 200 lives, MEAB bank immediately took an active role in helping the following organizations and institutions: The Lebanese Army, Lebanon of Tomorrow, Kids First, Lebanese Red Cross, Offre Joie, Lebanese Hospital Geitaoui, Ashrafi 2020, Children Cancer Center, NUSANED, Saint George Hospital and the Lebanese Food Bank.  MEAB bank has also taken the personal initiative of contacting families of the victims of the August 4 explosion and offered scholarships to their children as well as financial help for the families. 

Those initiatives and actions of support to these causes are a small step in the path of bettering our country and we are proud of being part of a community that is moving in the right direction towards a better future.