Tony “Super” Chang, Founder of Super Jewelry Co, Shares His Advice for the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

Tony “Super” Chang, Founder of Super Jewelry Co, Shares His Advice for the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

“My next big move is to create my own line of Diamond pieces and create more custom jewelry.” Tony Chang, the founder of Super Jewelry Co in southern California, has spent the last two years perfecting the creation of his custom 10K and 14K gold jewelry pieces. On top of the product itself, Chang has also used his entrepreneurial spirit to create a transparent and welcoming shopping experience to build his brand identity. Now, with the right cards in his hand, Chang is looking to expand his jewelry catalog and his company’s reach.

Tony Chang has spent years trying to find himself as a person and as an entrepreneur. Going through the everyday peaks and valleys of life, Chang has learned a lot about himself and how to pursue his dreams. “It takes believing in yourself. If you do not at first, having just one person really believe in you until you do,” Chang shares. “It takes determination, perseverance, forgiveness, humility, and being able to act, even when you are scared to do something.”

Finding that person, or persons, to lean on in your times of doubt serves as one of Chang’s most significant pieces of advice to young, hopeful entrepreneurs. “Don’t do everything alone,” he advises. “You’ll have more fun and manifest your goals faster with a great team of people, even friends, who share the same vision as you.” The biggest inspiration in his life, Changes shares, has been his wife, who has stayed by his side through it all. “She’s been there for me and believed in me long before I believed in myself to be the best I could be.” Through everything Tony Chang has done to provide the best jewelry and buying experience for his clients and help the world’s future business owners, he still keeps a few fun, personal goals in his mind. “I want to be friends with Bazzi and make him a dope custom piece that is meaningful to him.”

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