Too Lost Gives Indie Artists A New Option for Distributing and Marketing their Music

Too Lost Gives Indie Artists A New Option for Distributing and Marketing their Music

In today’s entertainment industry, independent musicians pay a hefty price – literally and figuratively – for the opportunity to get their songs in front of the public. So much so that it forces many up-and-comers to overextend themselves financially, give away copyrights and master recordings, or even forego their shot at the dream altogether. A new music distribution company called Too Lost is rewriting that script with a unique business model that opens the doors to music markets around the world and gives artists access to marketing tools and other brand-building support services.

Founded in New York City, Too Lost is a digital music distributor for independent artists and labels. It was founded by a pair of publishing and distribution insider/s who believed some of the major music organizations were doing a disservice to the independent musicians under their wing.

“We are passionate about the independent music scene and the amazing work that comes from that sector. We were disheartened to see how so many incredible musicians were signing away rights to their music, paying way too much for limited distribution and even giving away a share of their earnings in order to get their songs out there,” said Gregory Hirschhorn, CEO, Too Lost. “We decided to put our digital expertise and industry relationships to work to give these musicians and labels access to affordable distribution with services to help them grow their brand.”

Too Lost works with the largest music services in the world to provide super-fast unlimited distribution for it’s clients who also get 100 percent of their earnings, full control over their releases, and total transparency on music performance data. Artists pay just $2.99 a month or $19.99 a year – total.

Included in that price is a menu of services to give independent artists and labels a leg up in the often cut-throat music arena, including playlist promotions, monetary advance funding, anti-piracy software, music publishing services and cover song licensing. Artists can also set-up payment splits so managers, producers, and other collaborators are paid automatically.

Too Lost provides access to over 250 music stores and streaming services, including Spotify, Apple Mu- sic, Tidal, Amazon, Shazam, TikTok and more with a worldwide reach that extends to 200 global terri- tories and emerging music markets like Asia, South Africa and South America.

“Too Lost is highly automated and maximizes the use of machine learning technology to power the services we offer and make them incredibly efficient” added Hirschhorn. “We want to empower independent artists and labels to manage their businesses on their own terms”.

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