Top 5 Michael H. Forde Quotes From, “Success Begins From Where You Are!”

Top 5 Michael H. Forde Quotes From, “Success Begins From Where You Are!”

“Success Begins From Where You Are!” is a small book that makes a big impact. Written by Michael H. Forde, motivational speaker, author, and public health specialist, this brief guide highlights the main obstacles, shortcuts and steps towards personal success. 

The book is extremely easy to read, and each word counts! There are no frills and decorations, only the necessary words to convey its message. The path to success is actually fairly simple, and as Forde illustrates so well, at the fingertips of anyone who dares to pursue it. 

If you want to aim higher, make changes in your life, and dare to pursue your greatest potential, leave aside what you are doing and go grab a copy of his book on Amazon or through his website However, here’s a disclaimer for you: once you read it, there will be no excuses between you and your greatness.

And now, without further delay, let me walk you through the top 5 quotes from Michael H. Forde’s, “Success Begins From Where You Are!”

“There is no hurdle too high for you to jump over.”

In his book, Michael H. Forde speaks thoroughly about the setbacks and failures that we experience at different points in our life and the impact that they have. For those that are determined to succeed, those barriers are just a lesson on what doesn’t work. However, when your will is not determined, an unexpected hurdle can make you want to throw in the towel. 

Nevertheless, the point that Forde illustrates beautifully is that the difference is merely in your mind. An obstacle, a setback, or whatever you want to call it, has no more impact than the one your mind allows it to have. In reality, all obstacles are susceptible to being overcome.

“Your definition of success, your “why”, is something that comes from deep within.”

One of the most interesting conclusions that I got to while reading, “Success Begins From Where You Are!”, is the role that motivation plays in our ability to succeed. There’s an ingrained concept of what success is supposed to look like: a huge house, a fancy car, quarterly holidays in remote islands and designer clothes. What happens when that lifestyle doesn’t appeal to you? Sometimes you decide that success is not for you, and that causes you to accommodate in your current situation and live way below the potential that you are able to reach. 

This is why the key to success is to know what being successful looks like to you. Having a clear picture of this very concept will increase your motivation times ten and help you to become an achiever!

“The very same people who kick you when you are down will worship your triumphant version.”

A rocky path to success makes a good story, and people love a good drama. The same people who admire what you have been able to achieve “in spite of” weren’t afraid to tell you that you were dreaming too big or that you were just naive and idealistic!

There is a complex duality in people who don’t dare to pursue success. They want to keep others down to their standards, convince them that the level they have chosen to live at is actually not that bad, or that it is realistic, or even that they are the smartest because they know the ways of the world. At the same time, these people have a fascination for those who make it work. In my opinion, because they give the hope that if the person they put down could do it, they could too. 

“Be resilient, be outspoken; be a spokesperson for your success.”

It is easy to believe that success is not in our hands, that it is a random occurrence, a matter of luck if you may. In his book, Forde speaks about personal responsibility, commitment to your own cause, and self confidence as tools to use whenever an obstacle arises. When you take responsibility for your own success, you stop seeing it as something passive – it is not in someone else’s hands. It doesn’t depend on fate! 

Having the courage to take that responsibility and making that commitment to yourself is one of the most important steps in the path to greatness.  

“Never be complacent with anything less than greatness.”

Perseverance is necessary in the pursuit of greatness. The more committed you are to your cause, the more committed you will be! Make a promise to yourself that is so strong, that whenever you come across a hindrance in your way to greatness, no matter how big or small, the option of quitting is simply not a possibility. Commit to your greatness in a way in which it is the only acceptable result. 

If you are inspired by Michael H. Forde’s book, learn more about him and his work on Instagram @michaelhforde, his website, or give a look to the most recent article about him in Forbes.