Top Young Entrepreneur – An Interview With Dr. Nicholas Xie

Top Young Entrepreneur – An Interview With Dr. Nicholas Xie

Dr Nicholas Xie is highly regarded as one of the most inspiring entrepreneurs in the Construction Materials Distribution Industry in South East Asia. Having started out as a Marketing Executive at the age of 19, he went on the build one of the largest Insulation Materials Distribution Companies in South East Asia.

Having Recently Clinched an Investment of $25 Million from Venture Capitalist Firm AFVA, the future looks bright for him and his business.

Dr. Nicholas Xie is a living proof that age is no key in business, with a number of staff members, and as a keynote speaker to inspire other young ambitious entrepreneurs.

What does being a young entrepreneur mean to you?

“Being a young entrepreneur to me is about being someone who wants to be part of shaping the future of business and working in a way that suits me and motivates people to achieve as much as they can.“

What’s your top 3 success tips for young entrepreneurs?

1. Get out and give it a go, you don’t even have to wait until you finish school! I didn’t!

2. Be passionate about what you do and make sure your reasons are more than simply making money, you have to love what you do.

3. Make the most of being young, be bold and tell the world! Do not try to deny your age, embrace the advantages of it.

If you could put a percentage on the satisfaction in your life from 0% to 100%, what would it be and why?

“100%. I’m totally satisfied. But that doesn’t mean I have no ambitions left! When I was younger I wanted to be a pilot and further my studies in Europe , but being able to be your own boss and be offered amazing opportunities all over the world has really made me realize that there is more to life than academic success. Now my ambitions are changing, but I’m sure I’ll continue to meet my own high expectations.

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