Toronto Canada Based Artist Ranko Is Pumping Out Hits

Toronto Canada Based Artist Ranko Is Pumping Out Hits

Toronto, Canada based artist Ranko is starting to make waves globally as an independent artist. Inspired by the likes of Toronto’s own Drake, Jay-Z, Lil Baby, and Future his street melodic sound is catchy and something that people around the world can relate to and enjoy. 

Music has been a part of Rankos life since his early years as a kid, as his dad happened to be a DJ. Throughout his childhood, Ranko spent a lot of his free time listening to music, writing lyrics, learning beats and rhythm. High school was really when things began to take off for him, Ranko began showcasing his self-taught talent at various school talent shows. After gaining traction from his high school peers, he sought to record professionally and has been on the rise ever since.

Music has blessed Ranko with the opportunity to be in the studio with Busta Rhymes. But more importantly music has given Ranko the platform to travel the world and impact many. He wants you to know that he’s got “a lot of music and experiences to share with the world.” 

Ranko just recently released his hit song “Barz Ova Bagdad” featuring the international, UK artist Stormmillia and is set to release a long-awaited EP this summer. 

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