Toyota Preps Hilux BEV After BYD Shark PHEV Truck Launch

Toyota Preps Hilux BEV After BYD Shark PHEV Truck Launch

After BYD’s first pickup, the Shark PHEV, was introduced, Toyota began testing a Hilux BEV that is all electric. By the end of the next year, Toyota plans to start manufacturing its first electric pickup in Thailand.

In Thailand, Toyota will introduce its first electric pickup

The Toyota Hilux, which is among the best-selling pickups in the world, is the ideal vehicle to switch to electric power. With a large and diverse customer base, it has already been offered in 180 nations and areas.

For some time now, Toyota has been hinting at an all-electric model. Despite the fact that its first “electrified” Hilux Hybrid 48V was unveiled in December of last year, it retains its 2.8L diesel engine for a meager 5% increase in fuel efficiency.

Where is the all-electric model when the carmaker even presented a hydrogen fuel cell Hilux prototype last year?

Noriaki Kamashita, the president of Toyota Thailand, stated to reporters during the Bangkok International Motor Show in March that the Hilux EV would go on sale by the end of 2025.

Toyota Motor Asia executive vice president Pras Ganesh told Reuters last week, “Our intention is to be producing the Hilux BEV over here.”

According to Ganesh, Toyota is thinking of exporting the first electric Toyota truck, even though it would be targeted at the Thai market.

Prior to its launch, Toyota is still ironing out the wrinkles.”I can load much less because the more range I have to put on it, the more battery I have to put on it, which means the vehicle’s weight also becomes significantly heavier,” Ganesh said.

“So is it going to meet the customer’s usage needs?’ is always our biggest issue. We are always trying to understand what they do.”

Chinese automakers are catching up with BYD

This week saw the launch of BYD’s first pickup, a Chinese competitor. A plug-in hybrid pickup with a 100 km (62 mi) NEDC all-electric range, the Shark was unveiled by BYD. The Shark PHEV’s combined range is 840 km (522 mi) NEDC.

BYD intends to expand the pickup’s worldwide reach after launching the Shark in Mexico. The GS model costs $58,100 (969,800 pesos), while the GL model, which is available in two configurations, starts at $53,400 (899,980 pesos).

BYD claims that the Shark uses 40% less fuel (7.5L per 100 km) than a truck with a fully gas-powered engine.