Transform your Gaming Rooms with TNT Designz LLC!

Transform your Gaming Rooms with TNT Designz LLC!

TNT designz was established by Ahmad Ghoneim in the mid of August 2021.

It offers a huge range of services for gamers who want to completely transform their dull-looking rooms into something really fascinating and lively!

Ahmad Ghoneim belonged to the Petroleum Engineering field. But he has always been quite enthusiastic when it comes to gaming, this passion led him to the creation of his own company.

The company has transformed rooms for different influencers, gamers, and YouTubers.

They have also posted the reaction videos of these people once they get the exceptional services of TNT designz.

What’s the Process of Designing the Room?

The room is designed by a series of steps.

Initially, an engineer comes and examines your room.

Making Sure that the room is made completely soundproof the engineers install everything.

After that, the room is made more enchanting by installing LED lights.

The ambiance is balanced by high-quality carpets.

Partnered with BENQ

In Jan 2023, TNT designz made it to a great Collaboration with BENQ.

BENQ is a leading company that’s producing projectors and in this way, the consumers get amazing discounts!