Here’s How Sam-Mehrbod(Ph.D) can Maximise your Real-Estate leads via ROOMVU!

Here’s How Sam-Mehrbod(Ph.D) can Maximise your Real-Estate leads via ROOMVU!

Being a renowned Real-Estate entrepreneur, Sam Mehrbod (Ph.D.) knows what it takes to hit the mark as an agent. This insight, however, has not been achieved overnight. Being a top-dollar Real Estate agent, now Sam knows, what it takes to make the most of digital means for success for willing agents.

His exceptional insight lets you use the right marketing tactics which play a crucial role when it comes to boosting your sales. Marketing in today’s ever-changing world requires keeping up with the trends on a daily basis. Sam, willing to take the bull by the horns, has learned that what worked yesterday may not work today.

And in this era, where technology has taken over everything, generating valuable content is extremely important. Users are bombarded with a gigantic number of marketing messages every day. If you cannot stand out in this crowd, you are just noise in the background.

He is among the great Entrepreneurs and pioneers who realized the importance of the right content needed for Realtors. Yes, it is easy to share content, but if not tailored to the needs of users, and sent the right way, it is easy for your content to be considered spam.

Sam’s Career and Professional Achievements!

After receiving his bachelor’s degree from the University of Southampton. Sam received his Ph.D. degree in construction and project management. It did not take him a long time to seek ways to practice his learnings in the world of business. A while after roomvu was born. A simple idea, rooted, in the most basic need of every agent: Lack of time or knowledge for the time-consuming social media and online presence.

His command over data analytics and digital marketing aspects in the Real-Estate world makes him the top realtor in Vancouver. As a significant projection of leading by example, Sam has always practiced what has preached over the years. His presence on social media is brimming with what he suggests other agents do. And he barely spends any time on his digital marketing. It is all automated, hyper-targeted, and fully branded to Sam’s digital brand! He gets to use his valuable time doing the real work. Talking to clients and closing deals!

roomvu is a leading online platform that goes the extra mile to serve Realtors by featuring various tools including social media content, email marketing, landing pages, and a content automation system. Around 90 thousand realtors are using his video content. What makes roomvu from the competition is its customization features which make each agent’s online presence unique.

Sam is not only an A-list realtor but he is also efficient at penning down his thoughts. He is among the leading authors in Forbes Journal. He has been contributing to the leading Real Estate marketing knowledge consistently and has shared valuable insights into how the marketing world has changed and what Real Estate industry leaders need to consider to make the most out of the online space for their business.

Sam founded the Excellentia Builders group in 2010. Moreover, he has sold 100 million dollars worth of property for which he was also presented with a Gold award. His remarkable background as a Real Estate agent and team leader further emphasizes deep insight into the business making him one of the best Real Estate tech veterans who has achieved his knowledge the hard way.