Twitter testing CoTweets feature to let two accounts co-author a tweet

Twitter testing CoTweets feature to let two accounts co-author a tweet

Twitter testing CoTweets feature: The feature allows the fundamental author to welcome somebody to be labeled and talk about the items over Direct Messages.

Twitter is trying another CoTweets feature to permit two records to co-creator and be labeled in a solitary tweet. Twitter has likewise affirmed the component, presently live for certain clients temporarily. Twitter started to explore different avenues regarding CoTweets recently.

Twitter affirmed the feature’s accessibility for select clients in South Korea, Canada, and the US in a tweet from the authority Twitter Create account.

“We’re proceeding to investigate new ways for individuals to team up on Twitter,” Twitter representative Joseph J Nuñez told The Verge. “We’re trying CoTweets temporarily to figure out how individuals and brands might utilize this feature to develop and contact new crowds, and reinforce their coordinated efforts with different records.”

What is a CoTweet?

A co-created tweet presented all the while on the two creators’ profiles and timetables of their devotees. CoTweets can be perceived by the two creators’ profile pictures and usernames in the header. CoTweets will assist creators with sharing the spotlight, open chances to connect new crowds, and improve laid out associations.

How do CoTweets function?

At the point when two creators CoTweet, the initial step is to finish the substance, with Twitter suggesting Direct Messages.

How is a CoTweet drafted?

To draft a CoTweet, the creator needs to post the message on the Tweet writer and tap the CoTweet symbol. When a co-creator is chosen from the rundown of supporters, a greeting is sent.

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