Jonnyfenn Is Headed Straight To His Goals

Jonnyfenn Is Headed Straight To His Goals

Jonnyfenn is a talented independent artist from Torrington, Connecticut. Since moving to Los Angeles, California, Jonnyfenn has made a significant impact in the music industry. As a result of taking extreme risks, betting on yourself, making uncomfortable decisions, and taking action, Jonnyfenn has reached where he is today because of these risks.

While Jonnyfenn has achieved a great deal in the music industry, his self-described greatest achievement has been getting into serious studios and working around serious musicians. The key to success, he believes, is surrounding yourself with people who share the same goals. He has surrounded himself with these people, including his business partner Ian Francis. In Manhattan, New York, they met when Jonnyfenn worked for him as an assistant engineer at Sea Tea Soundworks.

As a result of the partnership, the pair have opened studios throughout the country, including in California, Tennessee, New York City, and Connecticut. Within these studios, the pair has worked with talented artists such as Joey Bada$$, Desiigner, Chxpo, Jim Jones, Dom Mclennon, Merlyn Wood, Kevin Abstract, Swoosh God, Curtis Williams, 808 Mafia, Jimmy Wopo, Steven Moses, Maxo Kream, Le’Veon Bell, Lil Gnar, Germ, Suicide Boys, BrockHampton, and many more.

Jonnyfenn’s music and life are inspired by Kanye West. As a result of him, Jonnyfenn began making music, mixing records, and producing for some amateur artists. After hearing “The College Dropout,” Jonnyfenn quit his factory job at 18 because he was so inspired. In the studio, he believes Kanye West does mind-blowing things, so if he could work with anybody in the industry, it would be that man.

Jonnyfenn’s music is truly a breath of fresh air. Several amazing chord progressions and 808s are woven into the songs, making it so unique. It took Jonnyfenn over two years to create the album “UGLY (You Gotta Love Yourself).” The album is for people who feel alone and are ready to give up on themselves. With these new tracks, Jonnyfenn is going to make waves. Keep up to date with Jonnyfenn on Instagram and you can find his music on Spotify.