Types Of Graphic Design You Should Be Familiar With

Types Of Graphic Design You Should Be Familiar With

Graphic design is very popular among digital marketers as it is used to attract, inform, and engage audiences. It can help brands take their digital marketing campaigns to a new level.

There are different types of graphic design and each of them serves a purpose. Let’s take a look at the common graphic design types.

  • Packaging

Companies use packaging designs to grab customer’s attention. It conveys the brand’s story and also protects the product from getting damaged. Graphic designers use various elements such as illustrations, logos, and images to make packaging attractive.

  • Art & Illustration

Art and illustration are combined to create visually stunning masterpieces. It is one of the main genres used by games, magazines, websites, posters, and many more.

  • Brand Design

Brand design is different from corporate design and is used to create a visual identity of a product or company. It includes things like the color scheme, logos, product look, etc.

  • Environmental Design

Environmental design is a new field used to enhance the look of public spaces. Some examples are street art, murals, and wayfinding signage. Environmental design is powerful and creates a sense of community and belonging.

  • Web Design

Web designing is used to create engaging websites and it covers a variety of things such as web architecture, web engineering, user experience design, and more. Web designers have good knowledge about designing websites and delivering exactly what the client wants.

  • Motion Graphic Design

Motion graphic designing includes a wide range of elements such as imagery, typography, animation, video, and audio. This is a modern type of graphic design and is used in television, online media, and other sectors.

  • Corporate Design

Every business is different and has a unique story to share. Corporate design is used to define a brand and its identity. Before getting into corporate design, a brand needs to find its mission, vision, and policy. After getting a clear idea, they work on their brand’s image.

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The use of graphic designing comes in various sectors and has a strong influence on the audience. Brands hire graphic design services to get quality designs for marketing purposes.