UK Tech Entrepreneurs Plan to Launch the World’s Most Expensive Homepage

UK Tech Entrepreneurs Plan to Launch the World’s Most Expensive Homepage

Two tech entrepreneurs from the UK are embarking on a record-breaking attempt to shake-up the current advertising industry, by creating the world’s most expensive homepage (website).

Currently, some businesses are spending up to $1 million dollars (£785,000) on short-term advertising solutions. Google Ads can cost up to $50 (approx £40) per click.  This may be protocol for traditionally incumbent companies, but big advertising costs makes it hard for new and emerging companies to break into an industry.

Fabian Niavarany and Charlie McGowan, both 23 and graduates from Cardiff University, have launched Businesses or individuals from across the globe can purchase a square of advertising space on the page from a choice of 10,000 units or ‘squares’ which have a collective value of $3 million.

The objective of this approach is to offer start-ups and companies with smaller-scale advertising budgets, an opportunity to be part of a growing online business that will showcase their advertisement and drive traffic to their website and services.

Co-founder, Fabian Niavarany, said:

“We feel that the advertising industry has become stale and with it being so fast-paced, wanted to offer a permanent slice of something very new. Currently, if you pay for a single google advert, very soon it’s gone. Or,  if you pay an influencer to put up an Instagram post, it will be forgotten in a day.  The aim was to design a business model that is unique and timeless and to create a piece of digital history”.

The homepage squares are split over five zones and range in value, starting at $100.  It’s an opportunity to link a cross-section of services and industries that want to adopt a modernistic approach to advertising. Investors will be able to furnish their squares with an image and embedded links to their websites or social media accounts.

Co-founder Charlie McGowan said:

“This is a unique advertising opportunity. There is limited space on the page and we will not be adding to the original number of squares. We expect the lowest priced squares to sell out very quickly. However, to increase the longevity of this business opportunity, we will be opening a secondary market similar in concept to what Seeders have done. It will act as a trading platform for our squares. This phase will allow individuals and business to trade their squares for profit. So, watch this space.”

On completion of the purchase, investors will have secured their space indefinitely and will not have to pay any additional costs. The advert space can be altered for different campaign requirements, meaning investors can continue to use the space time after time.

Fabian Niavarany and Charlie McGowan

Fabian adds:

“With advertising costing so much in today’s world and  with an insecure economic climate, we wanted to build something that was more open and accessible to everyone. Our advertisement option is also permanent and caters for all budgets. It doesn’t leave out the smaller players”.

The intention is to attract a diverse portfolio of influential businesses, brands, and individuals, including social media influencers, musicians, sports figures and artists. The two entrepreneurs decided to trade in dollars as it’s universally the most traded currency and the objective is to sell worldwide.

Together, Fabian and Charlie have created this concept in-house on a small budget with no external investments. It aims to offer a fresh, new perspective on advertising models and provide an opportunity to invest in a viral sensation. launches on Tuesday, 21st May 2019.