Umaira Habib’s Clean, nature friendly cosmetic brand- Honey n Beaute

Umaira Habib’s Clean, nature friendly cosmetic brand- Honey n Beaute

Cosmetics are used to enhance your appearance and are in the market now for many centuries. In the olden times cosmetic products were just the mixture of herbs and nature infused ingredients which reflects proven results. As the time passed, a huge number of cosmetic entrepreneurs entered the industry and in pace of surviving in the competition and earning profits easily, products with lack of desired results and even harmful reactions at times came into existence. Umaira Habib is one such customer who has spent a reasonable amount of her money towards a beauty soap and came across the truth of cheap quality cosmetic products in the market.

Umaira Habib, a 25 year old woman from Tamil Nadu, with a strong determination to make a difference in the cosmetic industry, emerged with her own venture Honey n Beaute in March 2019. A small incident which one would tend to forget made Umaira Habib think over the revolutionary change that can be brought in the cosmetics industry.

Honey n Beaute is a cosmetic venture gaining fame in no time. The potent hair oil by Umaira Habib is trending as a signature product of Honey n Beaute due to the magical results customers experience with the goodness of herbal ingredients available at a very budgetable price too. Another remarkable product is 24k gold serum by Honey n Beaute which has crossed a sales of 1.8 lakh bottles till date.

Honey n Beaute is trading a range of shampoos, soaps, hair oil, gold serum, Henna body lotion which are all playing its role in addressing concerns of customers leading to a real customers base of around 25,000 customers as of now. Umaira Habib is giving her level best by travelling and interacting with clients to take Honey n Beaute to the next level of success in the cosmetic industry.

Umaira Habib with a broad view of solving the issues of people, alongwith beauty products has also introduced a 9 layer homemade cotton pad to overcome the side effects of commercial pads like itching, infection and infertility. With this Umaira Habib foresees to establish a factory to meet the demands in the future.

Hard work, passion and determination towards a business is all required to surpass the heights of success, Umaira Habib’s Honey n Beaute is towards its way to create new records in the cosmetics industry.