Umaira Habib’s Honey n Beaute is an easy, affordable alternative in the cosmetic industry.

Umaira Habib’s Honey n Beaute is an easy, affordable alternative in the cosmetic industry.

With the advancement in technology, we see consumers craving to bring humanity back to an increasingly impersonal world and increasingly impersonal shopping experience. Brands need to find ways to simplify the overwhelming complexity of the world we live in.”

Personalisation and research is the key. Umaira Habib knows this. Therefore, back in 2019, she launched Honey n Beaute. Her products resonate with consumers and are manufactured only after ample research and contemplation.

Umaira Habib’s Honey n Beaute is cost-effective and provides products infused with natural goodness to deliver solutions to all the people without affecting their budget. Honey n Beaute’s most cherished product is their potent hair oil followed by a number of products including shampoos, soaps and Henna body lotion. Another best seller product of Honey n Beaute by Umaira Habib is 24k Gold serum with goodness of 25 herbs and mixture of essential oils which has reached a sales number of more than1.8lakhs bottle till date.

Umaira Habib’s Honey n Beaute has garnered a clientele of 25,000 regular customers which are managed by her in all the possible ways. Umaira Habib’s experience and fierce determination to bring a change in the cosmetic industry with her actually effective products is today reflected in the success of Honey n Beaute.

Umaira Habib remarks, “Millennials aren’t just looking at their phones when you see them zombie-like in public places. They create a community and their own language and their own world and communicate and consume in a different way. They take it all up and spread the word for brands. Word of mouth at best, you see. You think they’re not taking it in but they are. They don’t want to be just your consumer, or be entertained by you, they want to create with you, they want to touch the heartbeat and be part of the creative process… they want to be part of it. As brands, we have to let them in on our designing aspect. That is how we will deliver what they want. And eventually, that is how brands can sustain themselves.”